Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Story of the Night

Welcome to the night.  Step into a world of shapeshifters and horrors in the shadows.  A place of deadly entities and terrors that seep into the depths of your soul.  A place of beauty and of colors so vibrant and so right.  A brilliant world, a mad world, a zone of true darkness – the final frontier.  This is the wildside, the purple and deep black, the flashes of green that explode as soon as your eyes are closed.  You can see it – sometimes.  But you can always feel it.  Always.  This is the edge of time, the depths of the abyss, the - - - this is everything.  And this is nothing.

                You can walk down the corridors lined with torches that you’ll never see.  Feel the cold wind that is the hot breath from the center of it all.  A world of silence.  The wanderings.

                The roses, the roses, the sacred rose and the haunted place.  Be careful here.  It is a brilliant world, surely, a fantastic zone beyond your wildest dreams – the visions.  But there are things that lurk in the shadows.  There are the ominous and ancient dwellers that shift.

                Journey to the depths of your mind, to the bottom of the abyss.  Now open your eyes.  And here is the world. 

                In the midst of this fantastic voyage you will find that you have lost track of all that you thought you once knew.  Space and time become twisted, like supernovas bursting brilliantly at the center of the black hole’s heart, like shadows in an endlessly shifting world.  The wind and the stagnant air.

                Step blindly now.  It is cold.

                Somewhere a million miles away – a flash and a burst.  Here is something that was never meant to be, something that only you can see.  You are alone with it.  Restless.

                And then the colors intensify.  Brilliant beyond the farthest reaches of the spectrum that you thought you knew.  Exploding like never before, bombarding your conscious mind.  Relinquish.

                Beautiful.  This is the dark mystery of the new moon’s aura, the growth in the midst of such unexplainable deviations.  Learn to smile in the face of the shadows.

                Alas, alas!  A confrontation of sorts, or a vision of one – or simply vision, vision from all sides.  A thousand eyes and not one could ever penetrate all the layers.  It is empty within.

                Now open your eyes and realize.  It is just you.  You and your shadow.  You and your dark reflection.  It is just you alone in the night.  Light and dark and color and shadow and yes, yes.  The night rushes like wind through your soul.  Breathe.

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